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Ask Not What BlackBerry Can Do For You, But Ask What You Can Do For BlackBerry

29 March 2013 3 Comments

I have always been big on taking pictures from my BlackBerry and I have a little secret to share with you all. I have only used a digital camera maybe a handful of times over the last decade. I get confused with all the settings that are on a digital camera but you put a BlackBerry in my hand and I can get you some really nice shots (in my opinion). The camera has improved on the BlackBerry handsets from the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 1.3 megapixel camera to the 5 megapixel on the 9900 Bold to the 8 megapixel camera on the new BlackBerry Z10. Along with improvements to the camera there has also been greater improvements to the scene modes and abilities to the new line of devices.  Possibilities are endless for pictures and videos on the BlackBerry Z10. 

Back in January I wrote a post about a must have accessory for your BlackBerry device, and it’s even more so relevant with the launch of the BlackBerry Z10. A company called Photojojo who are all about photography, and videography especially on mobile devices sell camera lenses for most mobile devices. They work  very well with the BlackBerry handsets and tablets and for 50$ you get a total of 4 different lenses.  Here are some pictures I have taken with these camera lenses from photjojo. Photojojo carries many different products and just like most vendors that we BlackBerry users see, most of the items that we come across are only available for very popular handhelds such as the iPhone, or some of the android phones such as the Galaxy line, or the Nexus, or even some of the HTC devices. I’m not sure about you but that really gets me upset. I am a die hard BlackBerry user since 2005, and I don’t want to carry an iPhone or an Android device or a digital camera to take cool pictures or videos; even if that means improving my work to another level. I’m pretty sure a lot of you feel the same way. (Not necessarily about camera accessories, but with applications, accessories, or other services only offered to competitive devices).

A few weeks ago I came across a photo that Photojojo posted a picture on instagram about one of the new products that they (Photojojo) carry for the iPhone, called the iPhone Adventure Suit. It’ll keep your phone safe in up to 15 feet of water and 15 foot drops. I fell in love with this case right away. Since I live by the beach, I’m always out in the ocean or in a pool, swimming, surfing, boogie boarding etc. What better way to catch some awesome pictures or videos while in the water. Unfortunately, this case is only for the iPhone and I’m not about to go get an iPhone to use this case, or an iPhone 5 since that’s the recommended device to use. So I left them a comment simply inquiring about this product for the BlackBerry Z10. They responded about a week later to me, saying “We don’t have this case available for BlackBerry yet, but maybe if there is enough demand.”

So I have said all that to say this, as BlackBerry users and addicts it’s not just up to BlackBerry to get cool stuff available for us, and the devices we love. It is also up to us to go out there and be a voice to get what we want available for BlackBerry 10. Some products of course will be a flat out no from the vendor some vendors will immediately respond with a yes it’s on it’s way while others will wait for a demand. So what are you waiting for?  If you are interested in seeing some of the awesome products become available for your BlackBerry Z10 to bring your photography to another level check out the Photjojo store and then go to the contact page and of course be courteous and ask them when will this product(s) be available for  the BlackBerry Z10. I also want to encourage you to do the same with other products accessories, or applications.

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  • Gerald

    well spoken, couldnt agree more here

  • http://www.facebook.com/akeagan Keagan Aaron

    Agreed 100%. I just wrote them. Thanks for putting me on to them. After reading your previous post about the lens I bought them and am very satisfied. Let’s hope they make some BB10 products.

  • enrry

    Well put. I really hope they do launch something soon.