Test Your Reflexes With Rasta Speed For BlackBerry


Browsing through BlackBerry World on my BlackBerry PlayBook I came across Rasta Speed. I must admit it the word rasta caught my attention, and I had to see what Rasta Speed was all about. Rasta Speed is an Android port, and is available for BlackBerry PlayBook and for BlackBerry 10 devices. Rasta Speed is an addicting two player game that test speed and reflexes. Rasta Speed will display a name of a color either RED, YELLOW, or GREEN (I’m pretty sure that’s why the name of the game is called Rasta Speed, just a guess though), and you must tap that color before your opponent. The game gets trickier as it continues. Points are score by touching the correct color first, and points can be lost by touching the wrong color.

Rasta Speed is a fun FREE game that can be played either on your BlackBerry PlayBook or Z10, so follow the link below and challenge your friends for hours of fun and laughs.

Rasta Speed For BlackBerry PlayBook and Z10 FREE >>


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