Poynt now available for BlackBerry 10




One of the most missed applications from myself, and I am sure others would agree is well is Poynt.  Since making the switch to BlackBerry 10, it was such a downside to not have Poynt available for the platform.  We received a tip from reader “shigidy” that Poynt is now available so here it is! The application is very impressive – given that it is an Android port.  Don’t jump the gun fast and assume the performance sucks though.  The developers did an excellent job porting this one over, and is definitely better than any sideload of Poynt I have used.  The navigation is really smooth, and it’s absolutely not necessary to swipe down to bring up the Android button functions.  Grab your copy today at BlackBerry World.

Poynt for BlackBerry 10 >>


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