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How do you feel about BBM going to Android and iOS?

14 May 2013 5 Comments


I’m sure this subject is all in your face since the initial announcement during the BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote earlier today.  For those who missed out, the Thorsten Heins officially announced BBM to go cross platform to Android and iOS.  We tweeted out to our followers to see what people’s thoughts were and definitely got mixed opinions.  We’d like to get more feedback from everyone as to how they feel about BBM hitting other platforms.

One a good side, all your friends who left to Android and iOS could be communicated to through BBM after downloading it free on their devices, thus bringing them back into the BlackBerry network somehow.  On the other hand, if it is available on other platforms – and users strictly use BlackBerry for its BBM, what’s to stop them from leaving? A few sides to this as Mac pointed out earlier, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see an outcome.  Sound off in the comments on your thoughts.

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  • http://papogp.com Diego Nei

    BlackBerry will bring free voice/video calls and the unique ability to share your screen with your peers, no matter the phone you have (unless it’s a WP).

    I just can’t see people complaining about this one after it goes live.

  • shaggie

    exactly – that means more people getting comfortable outside of bb’s no more “i miss bbm, i want my bb back” thats the downside

  • James Gerind

    i love the idea! i have a galaxy s3 for work… meaning i’ll be able to have BBM on it! just waiting for more details. did they announce how they will do this? will bbm be pin-less? BlackBerry ID involved? what’s the workflow?

  • sri

    im pretty sure we wont see pins. pins are hardware coded right? or thats what they make it seem. we do not have a whole virtual pin thing going on. even with bbm on playbook, it’s still using your bb devices pin, and accelerating it on a bigger screen via bluetooth. its definitely going to be by blackberry ID and its going to stay with you. BlackBerry ID = BBM, thats how we switch devices now too. rim has been slowly planting this for a while. and thats how theyre going to roll. hope it works out for the best and not the worst.

  • http://papogp.com Diego Nei

    I see, but I disagree. If BBM couldn’t keep them before, surely would not be enough to bring them back.

    On the plus side, we will be able to communicate (with all the BBM-goodness) with more people.

    Screenshare will come eventually and then we can just show those guys all the stuff they are missing. :p