Dbrand Skins – Perfect Fit For Your BlackBerry Z10!



We told you about the launch of the new skins from dbrand Inc last month! Well we got our hands on a few of these skins for our BlackBerry Z10, and what better place to show them off , then BlackBerry Live. I must admit when I first heard about these skins I was really excited, but shortly after getting my skins I got really nervous. How was I going to get these skins on. I’m very picky. If it was put on crooked or I didn’t have it lined up then what would I do.



However being 3M adhesive it allows me to re-stick the skin if I messed up while putting it on. With the dbrand skins, it didn’t take too long to put on either. I took my time and worked slow just to make sure I had everything where it was suppose to be, and it took me less than 10 minutes to put on. After the skin has been placed on your device it gives it a nice, tight, sharp look to your devices as well as add protection to your BlackBerry Z10.


My only personal downside of the skin is the corners which are open to being scratched if dropped.  However, I’m not a big fan of cases, so this is the best protection you get without adding bulkiness to the device.


The general feel to the skin is quite smooth – a bit variant from the rubberized texture which the back of the Z10 currently offers.  Generally, you can slip it out of your hands easily if you don’t have a tight grip, but if you’re one of those, then you should be rolling deep with an OtterBox Defender series anyway.



Overall I really like the dbrand Z10 cases. Currently rocking the white one, which when at a glance looks like I have a souped up white Z10 (when it’s really black underneath).  As mentioned before, it is 3M adhesive, so I’m able to switch out to black carbon fiber or any other color whenever I feel like it.  With that said, keep the sheets which the dbrand skins come on so you can stick them back on when switching skins out.




Interested in grabbing one? We’re giving out a few at BlackBerry Live so come find us by the Solutions Showcase and look for myself or Mac.  Otherwise, head over to their website and choose from a fine selection of different colors and textures. Follow us @pocketberry and tweet us if you’re looking for us to grab a free skin!.




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