BlackBerry Live From My Eyes Explained Through Story Maker


Did you go to BlackBerry Live this year? What did you think? Was it what you expected? What did you experience? BlackBerry did an excellent job this year at BlackBerry Live, and they kept it moving. The energy was really high at BlackBerry Live, and the only way you weren’t feeling anything is if you flat lined from all the excitement. From all over the world BlackBerry fanatics, elites, consumers, students, business users, owners, vendors, and even the skeptics showed up to see what BlackBerry was up to!

BlackBerry of course kicked things off with getting a BlackBerry Zed 10 in everyone’s hands and it was great to see all the talk and chatter that was going. Some asked for helped with getting things set up, while others pressed through it and started exploring and discovering the power of BlackBerry 10. I watched as attendees used NFC to add each other on BBM, used BBM video, and explored the awesome capabilities of the camera. First time Z10 users were amazed, while others compared the Z10 to their current device.

The fun never stopped their, with awesome news from the keynotes, and with many sessions for students and BES admins to sessions for developers. There was so much to do. With guest appearances from Alicia Keys and Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 driver), and of course LIL E known for his “No Sleep Til BlackBerry 10” ¬†anthem.

The fun still continued after hours after. Ranging from special VIP events,  tweetups, and Alicia Keys presenting an All-Star cast and performance live from Universal Studios things. Even with all of this going on the buzz about BlackBerry 10, the Z10 and what the company was up to never stopped.

To be honest it’s to much to put into words, so I summed it up in a video made by the Story Maker app that comes preloaded on your BlackBerry 10 handset. Check it out! Did you attend BlackBerry Live? Let’s see what you saw! Share your Story Maker videos of your experience at BlackBerry Live with us.



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