Create Your Own Meme With Meme Hater For BlackBerry 10


What would life be without memes? They are just so witty , clever, and funny (well most of them are). If you have an idea, or something to say (clever or not) well then you really want to check out this app. Meme Hater gives you the ability to choose a picture and add text to the top and bottom of the image and share it with the world. So check out Meme Hater for your BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 handsets for free. Now, if you want to support the developer for $0.99 you can unlock the share feature, so right from the application you can share¬†with any connected apps such as Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, BBM, BBM Groups, BBM Channels, Box , and many more. So point your BlackBerry 10 devices to the link below, and let’s see what funny memes you can come up with.

Meme Hater For BlackBerry 10 – FREE >>


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