PicMix For BlackBerry 10 Updates to v1.6.1 Now Supporting The Q10


For those of you who haven’t sideloaded Instagram and are looking for an Instagram like application check out PicMix For BlackBerry 10. PicMix made it’s way to the BlackBerry legacy devices and made the transition to BlackBerry 10 first supporting the Z10. However, with the recent update to v1.6.1 it now supports the BlackBerry Q10 as well as offer many more new features. 

Besides support for the BlackBerry Q10, the latest update also brings:

  • Bug fixing and application stability and performance improvements.  (standard application updating stuff)
  • Push Notifications: Never miss any comments, likes or mentions! (get instant PicMix notification on your device)
  • Support for BlackBerry Q10: PicMix has been optimized so that BlackBerry Q10 users can also enjoying PicMix on their device!
  • Get more FREE frames and stickers! Unleash your creativity with our super cool frames and stickers!

Not bad if you ask me. Looks like the guys behind the scenes who make the PicMix magic happen have been busy and hard at work getting these awesome new features to you. Also, another feature that I think is awesome that is still on this version of PicMix is porting your Instagram pictures over to PicMix. Do you have that awesome picture, or funny meme that you want to share with more people, well bring them over to PicMix and show it off to a whole new community of users. Check it out for yourself. You can grab PicMix For BlackBerry 10 for free by following the link  below.

PicMix For BlackBerry 10 Devices – FREE >>



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