Max Mobile Security Becomes BlackBerry Certified And Upgrades To v5.4


Back in February we let you know about Max Mobile Security, which was the first Anti-Virus for BlackBerry 10 that launched support for the Z10. Now a couple months later Max Mobile Security has updated again to version 5.4. Max Mobile Security has been completely redesigned and protects your device from all malicious files and 3rd party apps, even applications that have been sideloaded.

Max Mobile Security is a native application that was designed using cascades and has received the Built For BlackBerry certification, so you know that it’s good. Max Mobile Security is integrated with the hub, notifications, background scans with active frame, and is a BBM connected app; with support for both Z10 and Q10 devices. Max Secure Software is also launching Max Safe Browser very soon. It is an anti-phishing & enhanced privacy browser, offering an enriching browser experience with the Flow Bar. It will be a free add-on to Max Mobile Security users.┬áSo what are you waiting for? Grab Max Mobile Security now to protect your device from the junk and malware that’s floating around that may case harm to your device. Max Mobile Security can be found in BlackBerry World for a very affordable $9.99. Just follow the link below to get the protection you need for your BlackBerry 10 device.

Max Mobile Security For BlackBerry Z10 & Q10 – $9.99 >>


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