Jam With Your Favorite NBA Stars With NBA JAM



I remember as a kid growing up one of the hottest games out was NBA JAM, and I remember waiting in arcades to get my time to play. That was long ago and the world of video games have changed. I’ve remembered a lot of those games I use to play from time to time, and some of them I have wanted to make a comeback especially for mobile devices. Mobile gaming has really changed and improved even over the last couple of years. When I opened BlackBerry World a couple weekends ago I saw NBA Jam, I was very excited. I downloaded NBA Jam right away but I was a little concerned about game play, graphics, and how my Z10 would handle NBA JAM. Those thoughts quickly left after I started playing.

NBA JAM is a large file over 300 MBs in size, but over a good WiFi connection it should download pretty quickly. After I had downloaded NBA JAM the moment of truth was finally here. Game play, and graphics were awesome. I know sometimes games lag, or cause sound distortion or freeze, but I hadn’t experienced any of that while playing.  The game audio, and sound effects are awesome, you really feel you are right in the action. One of the best parts of the game for me was unlocking big head mode, and all the really nasty slams you can perform.

NBA JAM is pretty simple to catch on. You’re playing a two on two game with no real rules except for 24 second shot clock violations. The concept is to beat the other team, and you complete challenges, and play different game modes to open up additional players such as Isaiah Thomas, Dr J, Magic, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and many more. If you are a fan of basketball, or just like old school games then this is the game for you. I’ve been playing this game consistently and it’s hard to put it down so I know you will have hours and hours of fun! You can grab your copy for a very affordable $2.99! That’s it! So follow the link below and get to jamming!

NBA JAM for BlackBerry Z10 – $2.99 >>


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