Official BB10 update shows up on leaked build?


To date, I’ve never had an official OS update come to BlackBerry 10 when already on a leaked OS.  To my understanding, you would need to be on an official OS to receive official OS updates.  Today something weird happened on my build – an update available for which has been available for some time now showed up available on my Z30 today.  I searched around the forums and really didn’t find any solid on this, so figured I’d reach out and see if anyone else on an older leaked build has received the same update or heard of this before.

Downloading as we speak – 538MB in size!


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  • Vojta Dalekorej

    Keep calm… I got official update even when I was on leaked OS. And many BBCzech users as well. 🙂

  • Kal

    thats really cool! i’ve never had that happen before so just wanted to see if others were getting that also. what device are you using?

  • That’s only becasue leaks are 99% of the time ahead of official releases. If you are on a leak and a carrier pushes a verion that’s higher, you get the notification.

  • Kal

    its kind of strange. I am on a z30 from verizon and with at&t – to my knowledge att hasn’t released this build yet. hmm….

  • Im using Z30 primary, but the same progress was on my Q10 and Z10. Leaked OS is not obstacle for official update. 🙂