SketchBook on BlackBerry 10


The first thing that inspired me into buying SketchBook was definitely the promo video or as I like to refer to it as the “teaser trailer.”  For those who missed it, make sure you check it out here. Side note on that, I think there should be a bigger effort from BlackBerry application developers to put out videos/promotions like this.  It clearly advertises out well and gives the outside world a taste of the BlackBerry 10 application experience.

So if you just took a break to check the video out, I’m sure you’re now just as inspired as I was to download the the application.  Surely, I am not able to draw as nicely as the app demo shows in the video, but I like to think of it as being a +1 from what I am on real paper with ink.


Like Microsoft OneNote, you have a series of notebooks to select or can create a new one.  There’s a series of template notebooks with pages containing lots of already made art – I’d suggest keeping it just because they rock.


The drawing tools are awesome – you get pen, pencil, water color brush, marker, permanent marker and eraser.  Favorite weapon of choice is definitely definitely the pencil.  The strokes of the pencil are real smooth and have a nice touch when drawing something up, the shade of the pencil and ruggedness of the strokes all there.  Peep my first ever piece of work below which obviously is not review worthy – but just to give you an idea of some of the strokes.  The PB comes from the color brush and the “PocketBerry” wording is clearly the pencil.  My daily artwork isn’t public post worthy yet but maybe I’ll share in the future when Sketchbook updates again 🙂


The Share feature obviously let’s you share your masterpieces with friends as an image.  It’s the same native Share option in BlackBerry 10 where you select your frequent contacts or networks you want to share through (i.e. Text Messages, Facebook, BBM, etc).

So what consumers vis SketchBook for BlackBerry 10 for? Everyone – you don’t have to know to draw or anything, as it’s perfect for anyone who needs to draw out while they think, or give sketching a a shot.  Overall it’s fun and personally I’ve been using it on my Passport mainly, but have also tried on my Z30.

The developer suggests the BlackBerry Passport has the best SketchBook experience due to the screen size but it is also optimized for the Z10 and Z30 devices.  Check out SketchBook at BlackBerry World for $1.99.  This price is a new year promo, so it will probably go up again soon.



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