Why I went back to using an 8 dollar BlackBerry Passport case


There’s a quite a variety of BlackBerry Passport cases – definitely not as many as I would like to see but there is availability.  I’ve tried the OEM Hardshell Case which was quite nice but I still had the issue of protection.  I understand for falls it will likely protect since the corners and back are covered well, but I do like to have everything all around the sides covered on the BlackBerry Passport, not just the corners.  The OEM Leather Flip Case is nice too but flip cases are not most favorable for me here since it obviously is a two handed device and I do use the Passport frequently through the day.  The sides also aren’t covered.

Next there’s the SEIDIO Surface Case, which I know there has been rave about for being a slim fit case that protects your BlackBerry Passport well – I disagree.  In my first day using it, it seemed to be quite nice as it was slim around the BlackBerry Passport, but lacking button covers for the Power and volume rockers.  One small thing that erked me was that the case felt “wobbily” since it’s a two piece case that comes together when putting on the Passport.  With the soft texture, my Passport did slip out of my hand onto the carpet floor, and came apart in its two pieces – not cracked, but parted.

Whether or not this was a defective case, I got turned away and came back to the first case I had ever bought for the BlackBerry Passport – the Amzer Pudding Soft Case.  It’s soft in the sense that it is flexible enough to fit your BlackBerry phone into but nothing like silicone or anything like that.  The BlackBerry Passport all around is protected on the sides and back.  The volume rockers and power button are a bit stiff at first since its like a hard-flexible plastic, but the button presses will register easier over a little time.

The backside has a nice finish and has the AMZER logo in the back.  Now, the shell of the case has definitely been duplicated by many vendors out there and I did try some of them.  The main difference I’ve seen is that the volume rockers or power button would be open rather than covered.  After going through a few cases, and just generally window shopping for what else is out there, it made me appreciate the cheap Amzer case.

For the price tag – it is a whopping 8 dollars you’ll spend on this case.  Worth the try and it is what it is – an 8 dollar case.  No screen covers or other pamphlets included.  So who’s this case recommended for? Anyone who doesn’t want to bulk up on a BlackBerry Passport case, doesn’t want to dish out a lot of money on a case, but want to add a level of protection to the device.  Head over to Amazon and check out the Amzer Pudding Soft Gel Fit Case Cover for the BlackBerry Passport.  Drop us a line below or email if you do decide to get it – or if you have an alternative case in mind.


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