AT&T BlackBerry Users: Passport or Classic?


I am aware there are quite a few polls out there inquiring about what BlackBerry device folks are picking up next.  With AT&T’s announcement last week for the BlackBerry Passport finally launching in its exclusive rounded edge design and the BlackBerry Classic, I am sure there’s AT&T users that were waiting for one of these devices – or both? So we want to hear from you and see what you have been waiting for.  Are you grabbing the new designed BlackBerry Passport or did you just buy it unlocked from Amazon back in September? I imagine some users like myself simply could not wait for this to happen and grabbed the device as soon as it was available online.  Will you be grabbing the BlackBerry Classic from AT&T? Maybe not the same case scenario for the Classic since it has only recently launched globally.  We look forward to hearing from you all 🙂


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  • hossam

    Passport ftw!! im one of few who didnt care for rounded edges. the sharp corners was def more uniq and fits better in the name of “passport”. just didnt want to spend 600 up front 🙂 hopeful well see other cool colors from at&t.

  • jshorayt0

    Passport. round edges are perfect.

  • SumitpoPrime

    i picked up the passport thru trade in program (wife’s iphone trade in) and still have my upgrade available on att. maybe ill use it dpeending on price

  • abalakrit


  • abalakrit

    don’t think well see any other colors from att unfortunately. i hope too man

  • shaungrinings

    its all about the original menu keys – classic it is!

  • Mac Jadalhack

    Cool stuff! I know a couple people who also picked up through that program with their iPhone 5 and 5s devices. I agree – Hopefully price points are good!

  • Mac Jadalhack

    Gotta love the original menu keys for sure. what device are you currently on?

  • Mac Jadalhack

    Let’s keep it as wishful thinking – if there’s enough buzz why not? a red passport with rounded edges would be pretty awesome.

  • Mac Jadalhack

    I am iffy about the rounded vs corner sharp edges myself. when i first saw the at&t passport images i was a bit jealous, but I do favor the corner edges at the same time. maybe i need both depending on my mood 🙂

  • shaungrinings

    using the q10 now but also have a z10 i keep shelved for leaked OS stuff. classic is a +1 to the q10 with the classic menu keys and trackpad, but I do wish it was a higher resolution.