Reuters reports Samsung approach to BlackBerry for potential buyout


Not going to restate the whole article posted by Reuters, but in a nut shell it looks like Samsung has been approaching BlackBerry real recent for a potential buyout.  The estimated buyout seems to be about $7.5 billion, but the article covers a few more of the logistics.  On a brighter note, the stock rose about 30% this late afternoon with the rumored announcement.  There had been rumors in the past on potential buyouts, but there seems to be a lot of betting on this one it seems.

Moreover, how do you feel about a buyout? Are you one of many who has been waiting for the right BlackBerry to reach your carrier (fingers pointed at AT&T here)? Is buying a BlackBerry now making you hesitant or confident that even with a buyout, hardware won’t be affected or that the companies will remain separate? Drop us some lines in the comments and let us know your thoughts.



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