Quick look at some BlackBerry Priv accessories


Did you preorder your BlackBerry Priv? If you want some protection or flare to add to your new device, ShopBlackBerry also has included some nice accessories on their site.  These are also preorders, but should ship with your device.  Some of the prices are up there, but pretty much in line with other premium casing that other phone manufacturers retail as well.  In time I’m sure we’ll see more available by third parties on Amazon and more.  For now, here’s a few nice accessories in the line up.


Back to the ShopBlackBerry cases – one familiar item is the Smart Flip case which resembles the cases Samsung has for some of their devices.  BlackBerry has released these before in the past, but of course without any notification window open in the very front.  While it looks sleek on the Priv, I feel it would be awkward using that with the keyboard slid out.  On the other hand, it just looks real elegant and sleek with the cover closed and notifications at the window.

Priv_SyncPodNest Priv_SyncPod

Sync pods and sync pod nests are available for preorder too.  The interesting thing was the sync pod nest, which is basically a shell for your existing Classic or Passport sync pod which will convert it into a Priv sync pod.  From the image, it most likely is a plastic shell that sits over the existing pod, but still awesome at only $10.


Premium headphones are coming soon for the Priv at $29.99.  We don’t know much about these, but from the image, it looks like an all new design with the BlackBerry logo present on each earbud (definitely miss that!).

Check out the full line up at ShopBlackBerry.


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