Video: BlackBerry Priv Key Features


While the Priv is only days away from launch, BlackBerry has been heavily promoting over their social channels including Instagram and YouTube.  This video highlights key features of the Priv by BlackBerry – something we have not really had an official closer look at, but only been teased on through screenshots and some pre-release video clips.  The biggest highlights here are:

  • Onscreen BlackBerry 10 Style Keyboard – For a while now, many BlackBerry 10 users (including myself) were concerned that the onscreen keyboard on the Priv would just be the stock out of the box Android one.  From this feature video, we learn that the BlackBerry 10 keyboard isn’t going anywhere.  BlackBerry even has the Android app for the keyboard on Google Play already ahead of launch.
  • BlackBerry Hub – Not a granular deep dive, but we at least get to see it in some minimal action.  We see the hub launching from the home screen when holding down the virtual home button on the Priv.  Three shortcut icons appear, one of which is hub.  The general assumption is that these shortcuts can be customized.  Moreover, a BlackBerry Hub icon is on the home screen as well.
  • Touch-enabled Keyboard – BlackBerry Passport lovers rejoice!  Enough said.


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