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As promised in previous App Wednesdays, Modern Combat 4 has made its debut to the BlackBerry Z10 yesterday.  We’ve seen Modern Combat 3 release for the PlayBook in the past, so it’s good seeing the next sequels releasing from Gameloft.  Modern Combat 4 includes real rich graphics and awesome action in a war environment.  It’s 99 cents to buy and only on the Z10 right now.  Not sure how well the game would work on the smaller resolution Q10.


Modern Combat 4 for BlackBerry Z10 >>

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Union has made their hit game Samurai II available for the BlackBerry Z10.  This originally launched on the BlackBerry PlayBook, which was a pretty popular game once it kicked off.  Good news – if you already purchased it on the PlayBook, you do not need to re-purchase the game on the Z10 so feel free to download it.  Definitely a huge praise for these kinds of games and apps that were on the PlayBook and owners get to keep it moving forward to other hardware.  For those who are new to Samurai II, check it out for 99 cents at BlackBerry World.

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bbm thorsten

It looks like users can start downloading the beta today as it was mentioned on stage to be available today and released worldwide in a few months.  BBM Channels is now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone for those who want to hop on the new app and get their feet wet.  What’s cool about it is that older legacy BlackBerry devices are supported for BBM Channels, so it’s not just a BB10 thing.  Any way, head over to BlackBerry Beta Zone to grab the beta for both BlackBerry 10 and legacy 5.0+ devices.

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I’m sure this subject is all in your face since the initial announcement during the BlackBerry Live 2013 Keynote earlier today.  For those who missed out, the Thorsten Heins officially announced BBM to go cross platform to Android and iOS.  We tweeted out to our followers to see what people’s thoughts were and definitely got mixed opinions.  We’d like to get more feedback from everyone as to how they feel about BBM hitting other platforms.


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[10 May 2013 | No Comment | ]

8627988 8524394 8524395

A nice feature of any camera is to have a timer. Especially if you and everyone else around you is expected to be in the photo, and the front face camera just doesn’t cut it.  Camera Timer from S4BB is a simple application bringing the timer feature to camera functionality.  Features include:


  • Accurate delay timer (5, 10, or 30 seconds)
  • Option for flash during photo
  • Auditory warning / countdown to photo

I’ve been using my Transform hard shell case on the Z10 quite a bit in testing this application (by myself!).  Nice side piece to this application.  Camera Timer is 99 cents over in BlackBerry World, so head over and grab a copy today.

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The latest and greatest leaks lately in terms of BlackBerry seemed to be geared around the all new R-Series the device, known as the R10.  This device is to be the “Curve” equivalent as it is expected to sport lower specs than the other devices (Z10 and R10).  Any way, here’s a leaked video of a tutorial video for the device.  The background shows that it is just a demo, so it obviously is not the production device they will be utilizing on the device when booting up for the first time.



Source: CrackBerry, Twitter

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[1 May 2013 | No Comment | ]



One of the most missed applications from myself, and I am sure others would agree is well is Poynt.  Since making the switch to BlackBerry 10, it was such a downside to not have Poynt available for the platform.  We received a tip from reader “shigidy” that Poynt is now available so here it is! The application is very impressive – given that it is an Android port.  Don’t jump the gun fast and assume the performance sucks though.  The developers did an excellent job porting this one over, and is definitely better than any sideload of Poynt I have used.  The navigation is really smooth, and it’s absolutely not necessary to swipe down to bring up the Android button functions.  Grab your copy today at BlackBerry World.

Poynt for BlackBerry 10 >>

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[1 May 2013 | One Comment | ]

rogers q10 telus q10

The wait is finally over – for those in Canada that is.  The BlackBerry Q10 has launched today as expected over three major carriers – Rogers, Telus and Bell.  All three carriers have the device priced at $199.99 over a 3 year strings attached contract.  Click the links below to check out more info on the all new BlackBerry Q10 device for each carrier.  It will be interesting to see the numbers later and how many get picked up today.  BlackBerry CEO did mention to the public that they expect tens of millions of Q10’s to be sold.

bell q10


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[29 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]


I’m sure many of you enjoy Reddit as a daily read for humor, buzz on today’s news or just overall entertainment.  There isn’t an official Reddit client on BlackBerry 10 yet, however there’s quite a few good third party applications available in BlackBerry World you can grab.  The two I enjoy are Snooby and Alien Flow.  Continue reading to check out brief info and download links for both apps.


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As you already know, Skype for BlackBerry 10 was announced available for the BlackBerry Q10 officially.  It was indicated also that it would be compatible with OS 10.1+, which currently the Z10 only resides on 10.0, officially at least.  However, the bar file has been leaked and has been confirmed to work on Z10’s even with the current 10.0 version operating system on it.  Props to the guys at BlackBerryOS for spotting this one! Note that you’ll have to sideload this one as we can all say goodbye to the old days where “OTA” was made possible.


Download Skype for BlackBerry Z10 >>

Link Source: BerryReview