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[29 May 2013 | No Comment | ]

NSeries_Black_ENG_TMo_Peek_Front-small BB_Q10_LTE_Black_L-small BB_Q10_LTE_Black_Back-small

It looks like the early on rumor from last night came to be valid, as T-Mobile has officially announced BlackBerry Q10 availability starting June 5th! As discussed prior, it will be 100 bucks up front with $20 payments for 24 months moving forward.  hit the jump for the full press release from T-Mobile


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[28 May 2013 | No Comment | ]


It’s great to finally see the BlackBerry Q10 surface in the United States as many of us have been quite anxious to get our hands on it, with the Canada already having access to it at major carriers in the region. The latest and greatest suggest that the Q10 is due for official nationwide launch on June 5th, which sounds pretty good to us since similar time lines were whispered over at BlackBerry Live as well. The Q10 is the QWERTY keyboard flagship device, sporting BlackBerry 10 and a smaller screen resolution of 720 x 720 but large display screen still. Also, it comes out of the box with 10.1 preloaded so you’ll be able to get on awesome applications such as Skype.

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[14 May 2013 | No Comment | ]

q10 verizon

Along with T-Mobile, Verizon is hopping on the BlackBerry Q10 as well.  Although no launch date has been set, we assume it should be with the rest of the US launches in June.  For the time being, you can sign up on Verizon’s portal page to be notified on the availability of the device.  It is 4G LTE, and wrapped in Verizon branding.  You guys are the best Big Red!

Verizon Q10 >>

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[14 May 2013 | No Comment | ]

blackberry q10 tmobile

T-Mobile has made the BlackBerry Q10 available for business users already – however, now a timeframe is in place for consumers who have been waiting for the carrier launch, more importantly, a Q10 launch as well.  T-Mobile says Q10 is to be available as soon as June (next month) which Thorsten said would be the ballpark month for a US launch of the BlackBerry Q10.  Read more on the T-Mobile BlackBerry Q10 at https://explore.t-mobile.com/blackberry-q10.

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[1 May 2013 | One Comment | ]

rogers q10 telus q10

The wait is finally over – for those in Canada that is.  The BlackBerry Q10 has launched today as expected over three major carriers – Rogers, Telus and Bell.  All three carriers have the device priced at $199.99 over a 3 year strings attached contract.  Click the links below to check out more info on the all new BlackBerry Q10 device for each carrier.  It will be interesting to see the numbers later and how many get picked up today.  BlackBerry CEO did mention to the public that they expect tens of millions of Q10’s to be sold.

bell q10


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[24 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

The next  BlackBerry device to get all the spotlight following the Z10 is the Q10 which rocks a full physical QWERTY keyboard with touchscreen.  Similar to the Bold 9900, but a larger screen and subtracting the trackpad completely.  T-Mobile just announced they will be carrying the device starting April 29th for business customers.  More info on pricing and other availability is coming soon according to T-Mobile.  Check out more on the device here at the T-Mobile Business portal.  Also, read below see T-Mobile’s statement on the new BlackBerry Q10:

T-Mobile USA continues to add to its growing 4G LTE smartphone portfolio with the BlackBerry® Q10.  The BlackBerry Q10 combines BlackBerry’s classic QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen with the power of the BlackBerry® 10 platform that delivers all the speed and connectivity customers demand to help them keep moving.  T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone’s premium hardware, advanced communications and multimedia features on a blazing-fast nationwide 4G network.


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[9 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]

The BlackBerry Q10 has been getting a lot of buzz lately as the world has seen BlackBerry 10 OS, but curious to see it along with a real physical QWERTY keyboard.  Surely there are dedicated BlackBerry users waiting on this device.  It looks like the device is available for pre-order at Rogers, Future Shop, Telus and Best Buy.  Check out the links below for each individual spot to place your order!  Now if only we can get some word for the US launch.  Several hints and brief statements suggest a May launch for the United States, but we’ll probably be seeing more into this later this month.

Best Buy Canada >>

Telus >>

Rogers >>

Future Shop >>

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[20 Mar 2013 | 6 Comments | ]

We have all been anticipating the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in the United States and it’s just around the corner from launching with three of the four major carriers. One of the carriers I have been keeping an eye on has been T-Mobile because they have been very quiet as of late. Yes, they announced they will carry it, and have put the device on the website as coming soon, but that wasn’t until recent. Just yesterday, I received a tip that T-Mobile managers have been given a BlackBerry Z10. This is a great way to really promote the device within the magenta walls of T-Mobile USA. It is also a great way of getting consumers who may not know much about BlackBerry’s new lineup some exposure to the device about a week before the carrier plans to launch the device to the consumer market (with a planned launch date of Wednesday March 27th). Now for those who are on the edge of their seats check out some shots of the T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10. Enjoy.


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[25 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]

The Blackerry Z10 has been launching in many markets around the globe, and are continuously launching on a regular basis. Being from the United States I, like many others were filled with a bittersweet taste in my mouth while watching the BlackBerry 10 launch party at home, only to find out that the Z10 won’t be available until March. Then we were teased about the BlackBerry Z10 launching in America on the Solavei network with a price tag of $999.99. Well the good news is, the month of March is coming in a couple days, and that means we are just weeks away from the U.S.A launch of the Z10. So my question to you is Are you registered with your carrier to get news on when the BlackBerry Z10 launches? Well if not get acquainted with the links below, and get registered today! Sorry Sprint customers, it doesn’t look like Sprint will be carrying the Z10, but the Q10 is on the list of BlackBerry 10 devices they plan on carrying.

Get Registered With AT&T >>

Get Regitered With T-Mobile >>

Get Registered With Verizon >>


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[11 Jan 2013 | No Comment | ]

BlackBerry 10 is coming. It is inevitable, and BlackBerry 10 is turning lots of heads. We have seen a lot of negativity turn into optimism and interest; and as BlackBerry 10 gets closer and closer we are getting more confirmation from wireless carriers that they will carry and support BlackBerry 10.

T-Mobile just like the other major USA carriers (Verizons, AT&T, and Sprint) that they plan on carrying and supporting the new BlackBerry 10 platform. “We’re extremely optimistic that it’s going to be a successful product and our business customers are extremely interested in it,” Chief Executive John Legere said. This is a very exciting news for those who are T-Mobile subscribers and BlackBerry fans.  It will be great to find out when exactly they plan on carrying the new BlackBerry 10 lineup.

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