Quick Look: Allerta inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Beta – Yes we have one.


We’re not the only ones who have this, but from what I understood, it’s a private beta at the moment.  There’s been leaks of videos and pictures in the past before but we’ve held it in until now.  I’ve been using the inPulse smartwatch for a few months now as it’s still in beta at the moment.  We haven’t put together a post for you all yet on it as the software is consistently getting updated since it’s in beta.  But so far, the experience is great.  The inPulse smartwatch comes especially handy when your BlackBerry is on a charger, deep in your pocket, or if you’re driving around.  I think the best use I’ve gotten out of it is using it when a BlackBerry on the table isn’t appropriate.  I just look at my watch and browse through messages instead, where that’s not much more respectful anyway. In the end of the day it’s a great companion to the BlackBerry and looks cosmetically nice too.

Cass took a few photos of my watch, where you’ll get a closer look at it with small tast of what its software is like.  Keep in mind this is all beta and is consistently being updated for the better.  Hit the jump for more pictures.


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